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Plant Nursery in Houston, TX

All you need to supply your own beautiful indoor oasis is right here at Dirt Bag. We do more than simply sell plants--we offer premium soils mixed in-house, workshops to help you care for different plants, and handmade pottery. Whether you stop by for a new plant or soil bag, our team is always ready to meet your needs. 

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Your Path Towards An Indoor Oasis

Not everyone has a green thumb, but luckily we don't mind sharing ours! Dirt Bag is your source for all things plants, including handmade pottery, soil mixed in-house, and of course, plants themselves. 

New gardeners often believe that plants are what make a garden thrive. Not true--while beautiful cacti and succulents help accentuate your space, your soil and your skills make all the difference. We provide assistance with both. Our premium soil bags are created by master gardeners to provide your plants with all the nutrients they need to truly blossom. This includes selections of all-natural pumice, peat moss, and more. 

For individuals who but don't know where to begin with their own indoor garden, our plant workshops are the perfect option. Sit down with other Dirt Bag customers to learn basics like potting, how to treat different plants, drilling, macrame, and more! You can leave our plant nursery with all the skills you need to make your home or business a little greener. 

To give your garden another unique touch, we provide handmade pottery made by local artists, right here in the Houston community. Each pot and design offered at our nursery reflects the individual spirit of the potter. Nothing you could ever buy anywhere else has as much spirit and love. 

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The team at Dirt Bag can't wait to bring a taste of the outdoors into your home or business. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (713) 485-0380


Dirt Bag is located at 701 W Gray St in Houston, TX.

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